Learning How to Sell Art

It is a weird thing to try and sell yourself.  Little pieces of my dreams and nightmares, my insights and struggles...battles fought hard and won sometimes desperately.  It seems counter intuitive.  Most of the people I know don't remark on the phases of their existence, say nothing of creating something tangible to mark the experience or lesson learned.

Yet, now I seek to take these tangible personal reminders of my human existence and try and turn a buck on them. 

First, apparently, I am to build a website since I do not have the financial wherewithal to rent or buy an actual brick and mortar art store. I believe the internet would have to come into play even if I did.  So, after much trial and error I was able to accomplish this task.  Its not a fancy website, but it has copies of the images and a place to purchase them, should I be able to convince another to do so. 

Secondly, I have created a Facebook artist page and a store there.  It is basically the same thing as my website.  Myshopify is nearly foolproof... and I say that as a near techno-fool... so if you like what you see here, you may want to consider utilizing their tools. 

Third, I will be moving into the world of the customer.  I will be contacting friends and family, making house calls and looking at the types of art and images that seem to represent the comfort space and inspirations of those around me.  I will be poking about trying to find out where it is that others buy their art, whether they prefer their art framed or on t-shirts or both.  Etc., etc, etc....

Once I have gathered enough data in this general space I will start to actually begin selling my images.  There are many galleries here in Florida and I have recently been contacted by a Japanese silk weaver. (Apparently my use of space and dimension is reminiscent of some ancient Japanese artists) so there are somethings in the works.  I may be returning to Oklahoma for a gallery visit... May have an opportunity there (keep fingers crossed) 

Much love to any and all that stop by.  Any suggestions and ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to my work moving out into the universe!


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