Dealing with Emotions in Selling Art

There are millions of emotive responses to contend with when attempting to sell art.  I have struggled with pricing and placement. I have agonized over actually putting some work in the public view. I deal with shame and pride... Twin sisters, I am starting to think. There seems to be no end.

One of the oddest or more out of place emotive responses seems though to be one of disdain. Disdain for the work done, disdain for the "theme" of  the website, disdain for all of the metrics and emails concerning the metrics... Disdain for the lack of experience and knowledge I have for dealing with that information. 

It is difficult to be involved in a process that has a capacity to cause such internal disapproval.  Yet, there seems to be a type of magic in that as well, I am moved to learn more, think more, listen more, research and read more.  There is a sense of wonder developing because I really don't know how to do this thing called "selling art".  There are billions of people in the world, some of whom would love my work... I just have to learn how to reach them, show them and provide a way for them to buy my art!

It is the "just" of this that causes so many emotions... Much love all. Thanks for visiting.

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