Out in the universe...

So, I googled my name today.  I was looking to see if Google had accepted my website and to see where my name came up.  Very interesting... It will change in the next search... I know.. 

But for today, in that moment where I dipped my toe in the proverbial river or data that is the Internet... My images were shown together with images of Maya Angelou, and Albert Einstein ... Images of my blackbirds were shown beside images of breath taking landscapes and some gorgeous animal photography!!!!

How cool is that?  I don't know... Really, but in that moment I felt blessed.  The images have been taken already by existentialist groups and some modern thinkers... I was impressed... My work is out in the webisphere... I cannot get it back... It has taken in a life of its own!!!

I have heard from some people that my work is no good and others have been kinder.  The galleries I have asked to look have been uninterested... Some have been kind and others... Well, manners are not for everyone... 

I am just happy to see my work out there living its own life... I guess I could be happier to sell a million pieces, but this is the happiness I have been given... And it is pretty damned cool!!!

much love all and thank you for stopping in!!!

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