1000 ways to Delve into the Divine - No. 1 Be A Lover

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18x24 Original ink on Cotton.  Inexpensive frame ( pictured) 25,000.00.  Custom framing - $25,500.00.

Be a Lover means to step outside of yourself and to enter into the personal and often sacred space of another... To go authentically forward and to penetrate or be penetrated as the simple human beings that we are. It is to be narcissistic if that is what we are, it is to be filled with self doubt and ashamed if that is what we are... It is to be filled with the rage and forbidden passions if that is what we have to offer. To forgive, to be perfect, to be balanced or fully aware...these are things we seek in the divine ... we can only enter the divine and attain them, if we go forward with out beautiful imperfections in our hearts and on our skin... To the divine, in the divine and through the divine...be a lover.